Office News

Dr. Polisky has made the switch to Electronic Medical Records after 3 decades of traditional charts! He has chosen Chart Logic, a system created in Utah, that has some great features! We are in the process of transitioning all of our patients to our new computer system and will launch our patient portal soon! We hope to provide you with more access to your health care and make it easier for our patients during office visits. 



Also after 30 years Dr. Polisky has updated our office logo!! The logo has been redigned with the help of Ellen Polisky, MD, Rivka Polisky, and our friend Yvonne at FedEx. Ellen choose the colors, Rivka helped come up with the design and Yvonne created the digital artwork! The logo expresses the thought that life springs forth from the desert. That is our motto with health care here at EGD, your concerns can be greatly improved with proper medical intervention! Below is our original logo in black and white, and our updated logo in Kokopelli Teal, Navajo Red, and Mardi Gras Gold!













Over the next few months you will see the new logo appear in the office more often. Dr. Polisky has given the staff embroidered Columbia jackets with the new logo and their name and title as well as beautiful stoneware coffee mugs by Sunset Hill Stoneware in Neenah, WI. 



We have also begun to update the office by redoing some of our treatment rooms! Our painter Charles Nittii, an area artist, has redone our Cosmetic Treatment room and our Esthetician Suzy choose the color scheme, updated the funiture and artwork! Our hope is to bring you a more spa like experience in a room with a more tranquil feel. Chuck has also updated the kitchen with a new paint job and a beautiful mural haning on the wall. Our kitchen is used as a waiting area for our patients and family members having more invasive surgeries. We wanted to create a relaxing place for them to wait while enjoying some snacks and coffee. 




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