Continuing Education

Dr. Polisky is enthusiastic about ongoing training. The recent ASDS (American Society Dermatologic Surgery) meeting featured 3 terrific courses.  

Devices Unplugged was a behind closed door discussion of devices used in the cosmetic derm industry. We held the results up to a harsh light and attempted to ascertain which ones could deliver good results. Dr. Polisky is a skeptic with a positive attitude. So, out of it, he did learn of some new indications for some of his devices. He also saw that many of the highly touted lasers still are not delivering what they promise, specifically in the area of fat removal and tattoo removal.

Master Injection Session was a great way to meet with International leaders in injections of filling materials. Dr. P has over 15 years of experience and uses art and drawing to achieve facial balance. This is backed up by careful photographic studies in some cases. Still there were a few tips that he came away with from the session.

Shark Tank was fascinating format that resembles "Chopped" the popular TV cooking show. Here, presenter showed their ideas for new innovations and were attached by experts in the field. "We did that before" or "That one has insufficient power." One intrepid presenter Neil S. Sadick, MD presented such a thorough study of a 3rd generation collagen injectable that may be on the market in the future, no one could give him too much grief. He had beautiful before and after studies, safety studies and an excellent discussion. The others were in one way or another, "Chopped!"

Lisa Donforio, MD and Thomas Mustoe, MD presented their concept of facial fat loss with age. I liked both presentations and also the criticism of the common "mini face lift" and "Lifestyle lift." These not so mini procedures involve downtime, bleeding and last 2-4 years. They pull skin laterally giving an unusual windswept appearance. This fit well with Dr. Polisky's approach of skin tightening or mass/volume replacement that he learned from Dr. Terino in his preceptorship in his office. Dr. Terino was easily 20 years ahead of his time!

Chicago Dermatologic Society Meetings take place monthly and Dr P is a frequent attendee. Here, 20 of the city's most difficult cases were presented and the docs rotate by, see the patients and then convene to make suggestions. For example, University of Chicago hosts one as well as University of Illinois, Loyola, Northwestern and Cook County Stroger. We really get diverse cases and patients.

American Society of Dermatologic Surgery is held yearly. Dr P has attended this now International meeting and finds it an essential way to keep up in the field. He has presented cases and posters (scholarly discussion) on new medications.

Dr. Polisky's Innovative Closure Course for Pre-Medical Students

Self-funded 5 students, most who were patients, for a 1/2 day of learning about surgery. We used model systems and taught them ideal closure concepts.