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Dr. Polisky defines the 6 T's of Successful Treatment

Training - He feels it is essential to be ongoing not only in taking courses but also in teaching, listening and taking pictures.

Tools - He strives to bring state of the art tools to the office to compliment our current tried and true technology.

Technique - He works to continually improve techniques for himself and for our medical staff.

Talent - He believes in hiring talented staff to bring together an excellent work enviroment.

Time - He is commited to seeing patients in a timely fashion while still providing the necessary attention a patient deserves.


Teamwork - He will enlist the help of Doctors and Pathologists at Alexian Brothers Medical Center to coordinate your best care!


Winter Skin:

Winter can be rough on skin making it especially dry. The skin is a living and breathing material and too much dryness can lead to dull, flaky and itchy skin. A question posed to be a long time ago by the Chicago Tribune was "Is an expensive cream superior in performance than a less costly one?" I feel now as I did then, the right economical cream really can be as good as the pricey ones! Here are some of my favorites...

Body Lotions:

Everyday Shea (Alfalia Co.) can be found a Whole foods and costs around $10.

It is best to apply lotion right after the shower and using a Reach Mate applicator will make it easier to get those hard to reach areas!

Available at




Moisturizers:  (Products NOT sold in office)

CeraVe Face and Body Moisturizer, estimated cost $13.00

Vanicream pump, estimated cost $13.00

Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with oats for anti inflammatory,  estimated cost $8.00

Elta Resta Creme, a uniquite ointment like product. estimated cost $15.00

Oil of Olay Complete, estimated cost $15.00

Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, estimated cost $10


Our Physician Assistant Shannon recommends wearing gloves when washing dishes and avoiding excessive hand washing.

For outdoor protection moisturizers with a sunscreen are the perfect choice! Our Medical Assistant Jackie has heard great feedback about Oil of Olay and Vanicream from our patients who were provided samples in our office. 

Soap and Soap free cleansers are important too! Steel clear of strong soaps such as Zest or Irish Spring and opt for cleansers like Cetaphil or Vanicream. Dr. Polisky presented data to the Material Science Department at Northwestern University about this issue. Soaps like this tend to strip away the protective layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum which is essential for skin wellness. 


In Office Treatments:

Now that we have addressed proper care of your skin the next question is "Can I improve the apperance of my skin?" Here are my recommendations for tackling your skin care concerns at Elk Grove Dermatology:

Obagi Medical: Obagi uses a system of products to help with your pigmentation and aging skin concerns. A Blue Peel can be be added to boost the results and is done right here in our office!

Co2re Laser: Fractional Lasers result in controlled treatment of the skin's second layer to elimiate pigmentation, wrinkles and pore size!

Silk Peel Dermalinfusion: Silk Peel uses microdermabrasion with the added benefit of infusing a solution to meet your skins needs. This treatment is prefomed in a series for maxium benefit. 

EndyMed Microneedling: Uses fine needs and Radio Frequency to rejuvenate the dermal layer of the skin. 

Chemical Peels: Using Alphahydroxy Acids in graduated proportions we can customize treatments for an individuals needs. 


Higher Tech Dermatology: 

Two apps I am using on a regular basis are SunZapp and Dr. Mole. They are good educational tools and are also a fun way to provide information for patients. The SunZapp allows you to input your personal detalis like skin type or eye color to get an idea of your risk for sunburn and skin cancer development. 

Dr. Mole allows you to isolate and photograph a mole so you can recheck it at different intervals to see if it has grown or not. 

Two other apps I suggest are GoodRx and EczemaDoc. Since drug prices have increased dramatically I like my patients to check around and try to get the best price possible on their prescriptions. Our new EMR system has helped us by telling us more info about a patients insurance and what may or may not be covered.

EczemaDoc is a nice addition for the newly diagnosed Eczema patient by providing them with pictures and idea about the common skin concern. 


Please check back regularly as I will be updating and providing more information to my patients! Education is very important to me and my practice!

 -Dr. Robert Polisky

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