Success Stories

Plaque Psoriasis

Male - 56 Years

Treatment - Enbrel

Enbrel Therapy 

6 months with sure click home injection system.  Outstanding clearing of Psoriasis including stubborn scalp lesions.

Psoriasis - The patient with severe psoriasis is likely to have used several types of therapy. This may include topical steroid creams, tr preparations, Dovonex, and Taclonex.  It gets to be a big hassle and time consuming to treat several areas of body with creams.  Patient may also try PUVA or narrow band UVB. These are two of the  most common types of ultraviolet treatments. Finally, some patients may try Methotrexate. Factors like stress and infection may also be making psoriasis worse. At times Psoriasis may flares up with what seems to be no obvious underlying cause. The biologic drugs such as Humira, Enbrel, Stelara and Otelza offer new hope for psoriasis suffers!

Skin Cancer - Nose 

Female - 96 Years

Treatment - Removal & Skin Graft


Skin Grafting - This is something we have been perfecting at Elk Grove Dermatology over a 25 year period. The amazing full thickness skin graft is far superior to the split thickness graft in that it has a good color match and is of the same texture as surrounding skin. Since it is your own skin it does not get rejected. Commonly, Dr. Polisky harvests the graft from the back and fits it onto the defect where the skin cancer has been removed. It may crust or swell in the ensuing few weeks but then, in most cases, it begins a dramatic improvement phase.

Severe Inflammatory Seborrheic Dermatitis 

Male - 42 Years

Treatment - Promiseb & Fluticasone

A philosophy of Dr. Polisky's is that with all the new medications on the market we will do our research before we introduce them to our patients.  We find that sometimes new medications paried with older ones have a great outcome for patients who have suffered with conditions for a long time.  Here this patient used Promisb (newer)  and Fluticasone (older)  to see a dramatic difference in his skin!

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